Seaweeds & seaweed-ingredients to reduce enteric methane emissions from pasture-based sheep, cattle and dairy cows

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SEASOLUTIONS PROJECT proposes to comprehensively screen and test the efficacy in reducing methane emissions from cows, cattle and sheep of natural and native, abundant seaweeds and seaweed fractions that reach the requirements of long-term efficacy, without negative effects on: animal feed intake, the environment, productivity of animals, and food and animals safety.
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We aim to evaluate effects of seaweeds on total methane gas production using different in vitro rumen fluid models and animal trials


Reducing methane emissions from cows, cattle and sheep is one of the biggest challenges to face the agricultural sector in the last decade. The SEASOLUTIONS PROJECT project is committed to making a positive impact on methane emissions in agriculture by positively effecting the rumen and rumen microbiota using seaweeds and seaweed-derived ingredients to reduce methane emissions and improve ruminant health.

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